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Hello and welcome to my site, call me Hal.

This website will eventually be updated when I get around to it. Truth be told, I don't have much of an online presence these days. It's been rather refreshing not having to worry about the algorithm, how to "capitalise on trends" or optimise the freshest features across the board on social media. Maybe that makes me sound out of touch, but none of that matters. Back in 2022 I started this website in order to keep track of what movies, books and shows people would reccommend to me at my job. Not only so I could see it, but so those same people could hold me accountable and view what media I'd consumed based on list progress. It gave us things to talk about, and let them take a peek into what I was into. In that sense, this was my "social media" for a time. I realise that I haven't actually introduced myself on here other than the lists, who am I? Part of me wants to keep that veil on, I don't like the idea of everyone knowing everything at the tap of a screen. This is probably the most vulnerable I have been in a long time, not because I have anything to hide, but rather the constant bombardment of the infomation era means that people feel the need to know, regarldess of how important that infomation is. A person on the internet posting the version of themselves they want you to see is not the full picture, but it allows you to see what they deem interesting for a wider audience. That being said, the fact I have a site that allows little tidbits of what I'm up to contradicts my prior statement. Here however, I put this infomation out how and when I want. Just because you know I've read a book doesnt mean you can base my entire personality or worth around it, we both know that. The lists are for personal use too, I appriciate any and all suggestions I get. Take care.

Lists can be views via the Listography link in the banner. Hopefully I will find more uses for this site over the year. I appriciate your patience and visit to this website.

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End of lists, thank you for visiting :]